Welcome to the TriplusRO WikiEdit


TriplusRO is a private Ragnarok server started early February 2014. At the moment a lot of customization is going on and changes may happen frequently. We have the single purpose of providing a great experience for every single one of our players.

If you want to join a fresh and new Ragnarok Online (RO) Private server, look no further. You can suggest changes, help implementing new features and more!

TriplusRO aims to give you the best RO experience possible without pay2win!

Goals of the serverEdit

TriplusRO is a community server where everyone can suggest changes and new features. Don't be afraid to ask a GM for information. Soon we will also have a voting page you can use to choose certain features.

Since the server has just started (Feb 2014) we are still changing rates and balancing mob/Player levels. Feel free to contribute!

We also offer a variaty of TriplusRO Guides and we have a wiki-page for every custom TriplusRO item.

TriplusRO FeaturesEdit

We offer a unique leveling system. TriplusRO is a low-rate based server, but custom features make it possible to get strong on no-time. Custom npc 's, items and rewards will be your best friends.

We also have a vote 4 points reward system. Voting for us will reward you with custom wings and xp/drop boosts. You can also obtain cosmetic items this way.

Our staff will also host events from time to time. Prizes may varry from zeny to items!

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